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Elden Ring: Fantasy RPG Online, developed by Genki, is a massively multiplayer online fantasy action RPG in which you take on the role of a guardian of the Elden Ring, a special place where the mythical power of the world is stored.

Your goal is to use your abilities to expand your realm, while controlling several companions simultaneously.
The fantasy action RPG and adventure game that you can only experience on this website is unfolding in the Lands Between, a place where history divides and fissures form to separate the world into 18 different countries.
The ideal combination of the fantasy genre and the persistent MMORPG features, Elden Ring boasts a gameplay that you can enjoy to the fullest with hundreds of players around the world.
Elden Ring: Fantasy RPG Online World, developed by Genki, is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer fantasy action RPG in which you take on the role of a guardian of the Elden Ring, a special place where the mythical power of the world is stored.

The story begins with a vision of a promising future…
Somewhere in the distant future, life is triumphant. A rare young boy, who is said to foretell great things, is born among the Dine. After relishing the sweet fruit of old melodies, this child grows up to be a young hero who makes a name for himself…
The prophecy of the Elden Ring has been hidden for generations, yet now it has been unburied. Elden Ring is preparing for a great battle to decide a world without fear of age. Come forth, and be among the heroes who fight together with the protagonists of previous stories, the Great Elden.
Elden Ring has not been awaiting the arrival of the Elden heroes; the liberation of the Ether is firmly in the hands of the Shadow, a malicious race that came to complete the oath made by the forgotten heroes. Will you be the one to save the Elden Ring?
In the mysterious world of the Lands Between, new challenges and enemies appear almost constantly. The Elden Ring heroes must become powerful in order to destroy all monsters and gather treasure in order to expand the territory of your castle.

A multitude of quests and events await you! At the end of every single day, the


Features Key:

  • Large-Scale, Vast World:
    Big-scale game map allows you to move across the whole world of the Lands Between.
    The map is a continent open in U-W-N and D-N-W directions, and completely open in E-S direction. You can visit locations such as the Great Kingdom, Plains of Despair, Temple of Dusk, Land of Dusk, Lost Land, and Bonapass. The multiplayer feature also allows us to connect all three regions, which cannot be played without using a proxy.
    • Travel through Places and Solve Various Situations:
      Changes in location and situation can be seen in the teleporter. High-level opponents can be found in high places like the Isle of Dusk and Kingdom of Dusk.
      You can enter the Human Village and appear in high places such as the Bonapass.
      In addition to walking about, you can solve various situations such as looting a rare item, battling the enemy, and using items in combat.
    • Create Your Own Character:
      In the character creation screen, you can freely customize your appearance, hair, face and voice.
      You can have one type of weapon, armor, and magic, but you can have more than that if you are familiar with the content.
    • Live Online Multiplayer:
      Connect with other people and experience a variety of game content such as the large-scale RPG and open dungeons, with no barrier between simultaneous users. By paying attention to the map select screen, you can easily find another player.
    • Play-as-You-Will:
      Want a strong and experienced warrior? Want to learn magic? Its up to you.
      We wanted to provide you with an exciting new world and new content of the largest scale, and therefore we provided a vast and unconstrained world that includes an open map and various areas such as the Labyrinth, Bonapass, and the Relic

    Retail Package Contents:

    • Platinum edition A character titled “Legacy Lord”, equipped with multiple golden weapons and armor
    • A Map Update Pack containing the above


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      PC gaming is certainly not an area I’m familiar with, I like playing on consoles and buy games like Call of Duty because it’s a few more hours investment. In that respect, I was rather sceptical with buying the new Elder Scrolls game, I did not want to spend so much time invested in a PC game I did not know how it would end up, but after the first day play I quite enjoyed the game. I would say the game is definitely for those who like RPGs or action games, so not for everyone, if you want a huge world with hundreds of possible adventures while having immense freedom in your adventure, this game is the game for you.

      The graphics, although are quite basic, are excellent for an Elder Scrolls game. It’s obviously cut a good deal of corners to cram the game into the PC’s limits, the world is certainly a vast wonderland and the graphics really does take you away to this fictional world that this game is creating for you. As you explore the world you’ll often run into small cutscenes which are more for story telling than anything else, and are really good at it. The sounds are mostly based on the medieval era, something that I can’t say I was so fond off, they had a slight musical theme and that’s it, although I guess it’s because the game has been re-made for PC. They do end up being a good fit though. The character customization is easily the best aspect of the game, not even the combat system came close to other Elder Scrolls titles in that aspect, as you can select your own equipment and adjust stats of it, and possibly even increase the stats to better fit your play style. The combat system, while not being the best is functional. It’s a bit like a Zelda game, you can switch between a sword, bow and cross-bow, and some other heavy weapons as well as magical attacks. That said, the attacks are different depending on what weapon you’re using, so you’ll have to become familiar with the system if you want to become proficient in the combat. With all that said, the combat system does get repetitive, and the weapon choice does become a bit tedious, I found myself becoming pretty accustomed to the equipment, and starting to memorize what is what depending on the weapon, or better yet how to make it become less effective. In exchange for that, the combat is relatively easy to get used to. Now for the bad points. I found the horse was the most tedious part of the


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      • The new fantasy action RPG “Lands Between” is optimized for mobile devices, with a vibrant fantasy world design.
      • As a result, the game’s impressive frame rate, high quality graphics, and epic story have been improved.
      • A refined fantasy world inhabited by powerful adventurers, including elves, human warriors, and magic users.
      • The game has six original heroes, with various actions and attack techniques. It is a multilayered fantasy world where you can play to become an Elden Lord with all six heroes.
      • 5 original swords, 4 original shields, and 7 original weapons will make you ready for battle. All weapons have been reborn with a new visual and animation.
      • Three new exploration dungeons, 32 story dungeons, and more than 30 dungeons are waiting for you to discover.
      • 5 classes of heroes, including the “Tarnished Elder,” are awaiting you to use your class and exploit your skills.
      • Numerous changes have been made to the weapon and item system. Along with increase in inventory space, the value of items that you can obtain has been significantly increased.
      • Take advantage of the newly added shop items. You can exchange for gold the stones that you have purchased.

      Established in the year of 2014, D-SHOP is a platform for Korean developers to showcase their digital content. D-SHOP has a variety of arcade games, toys, and themes such as anime and manga.

      Just as with a manga, the D-SHOP cartoon feature in the game is drawn by talented animators. Thus, we decided to bring the D-SHOP series to an even larger audience with “Lands Between.”
      The D-SHOP logo is not just a logo but also part of the fantasy world. If you become a god, you will also become one.
      Lands Between is an action RPG game which focuses on its main themes of fantasy, medieval, and action RPG, but it also has elements of the MMO genre.
      In Lands Between, you have a new character that you can level up during the game. You can store the items you obtain in the world into a Dungeon Chair, which will accumulate the items in the chair and use it to level up the characters. There are also weapons and items that can be used to level up. The number of times that you can level up per day varies depending on your characters experience.
      In Lands Between, there are various dungeons to


      What’s new:

      An ancient interest that has come back to life in a new way.

      The fresh action RPG that is WORLD INFUSED has been developed by Gamestudy with a twist.
      For example, the characters are real Fantasy Battle-Lords; with the ability of using magic tools to attack, their bodies are mechanically modeled. By looking at characters with an eagle eye, you can learn a lot of story and play styles. In order to further enjoy WORLD INFUSED, the game incorporates a traditional battle system with the element of strategy so that even seasoned players can play it. However, unlike conventional battle scenes, in WORLD INFUSED, defeating enemies involves cooperative play with the help of other players.

      A novel in-app game that you can experience anywhere and anytime. Explore the world of fantasy in a vast game environment!

      -A Diverse Fantasy Setting
      In the world created by Gamestudy, vast landscapes are reproduced with meticulous detail. The world is full of emotion, such as immense chasms and flatlands.

      After all, working together with other players in the Lands Between is an expression of romance. You can also enjoy the magically charming setting with your friends. Live out an adventurous, exciting experience with your friends in the virtual world.
      -A Dynamically-Creating RPG
      When the players suddenly appear in the middle of battle, they will hear the dialogue in an interactive manner.
      Characters also speak directly to other characters to encourage dialogue.

      Gratefully accepting the role as a real Fantasy battle-Lord, their battles will be dynamic.

      Genre: Action-Adventure, Simulation
      Screenshots from iPad/iPhone

      FalkiOS is action game that inspired by Super Mario Land with 3D touchless game that lets you jump and move by touching the screen.You will have to scan the different motifs like candy and fruits to move to the next level.Like mapping on the game and you


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    Roleplaying & Fantasy




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    System Requirements:

    Internet Connection Required: Yes
    Windows Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
    Free Disk Space: Approx. 200MB
    RAM: 2GB
    Processor: 2GHz
    Screen Resolution: 1280×800
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 M GS / ATI Radeon X1900 (256MB / 1GB)
    Software Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Russian


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