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ICARUS is a space shooter/tower defense game in the genre of darkwave. It will be very free and open to new ideas, so far the game is in development without milestones or deadlines.
The game takes place in an endless future where humanity’s expansion into space has produced a culture that finds no meaning in the humble existence on a planet where all nature is dead and locked in an oppressive orgy of consumption.
The legendary spaceship ICARUS, as its name suggests, was the last hope of the human race. But it is only now that the ship, restored at the cost of millions of lives, will begin its long journey through the galaxy, one that will carry the human spirit and human dignity to the stars.
But just before being launched, the ship will be threatened by a new and terrifying attack, an attack made ​​possible by the mysterious presence of an extraordinary kind of AI that a group of scientists tried to capture just after the devastating attack that ended with ICARUS. The only way to stop the danger is to use all of ICARUS’s weapons in battle, and launch them into orbit so the rest of the galaxy can be saved.
Your mission will be defending the ship, to save the human race and to halt the disappearance of the planet earth.
ICARUS.1, opens a new world of mystery and infinite possibilities, to players who have a good “sense of adventure”.
History of the Project:
“ICARUS” is a game released by Editions Icarus in 2016 as its first project in the video game genre.
The game was presented to a large team of people from many different backgrounds. This collective vision, combined with a deep understanding of the philosophy and history of the game, makes this team capable of creating a game that will provide a wealth of emotions.
After some months, the game was definitively closed, and the team began the development of all the other projects that are in development.
In the present, the team is focused on developing other games of the genre, of releasing its previous projects, and soon starting the development of new titles that will be published later, and some already being published.
The team is made ​​up of a few concept artists, a programmer, a composer, a sound designer, a musician, and a writer.
The Design of the universe:
ICARUS is a space shooter, using the classic dimensions (3+1) and the level of graphics available in this genre


Features Key:

  • Add Wary the Deathseer and guest-of-a-demon Wratharch to your wizard or warlock character.
  • Gain access to the Deathseer class for use with the Ravnica: Allegiance OGL
    Legends set.

  • Purchase one pack per Forgotten Realms character.

  • Take an optional dark side path, exposing your characters to the cause of the dire doom. Accesses the new Vicar class pack and Vicar feat in order to promote the cause of evil.

  • Fight alongside the satyrs against the Pallid Mask.

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    Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire – The Deck Of Many Things Crack +

    Die, Die, Die!
    You are a lonely gambler who plays a game on a smartphone.
    In this gam, you can die by losing a game.
    Death is inevitable for everyone in any period of time.
    However, even though you know that this is true, it feels terrible every time you lose.
    And even though you know that it will all be over in an instant, you get excited every time the word “die” appears.
    Please enjoy the company of all players who play your favorite games.
    Pre-order period (before opening sales)
    1. Establishing your account
    2. Registering at the official website
    3. Purchasing the pre-order bonus
    4. Getting your in-game items
    *If you do not use the in-game item “perk” within the purchase period, the perk will expire.
    *You must use your items as they are received to activate them.
    If you activate your in-game items after the purchase period, you may not be able to receive the additional bonuses in the content.
    *If you delete your in-game items before the purchase period, it is not possible to re-acquire them.
    *Before the purchase period begins, you will have the opportunity to configure your bonus items from a special menu.
    *After the purchase period begins, there will be no room to change your bonus items.
    Pre-order bonuses
    *If you pre-order from the official website before opening sales, you will get a bonus item.
    *This content will be activated when you pre-order from the official website and will be sent to the ingame rewards box after opening sales.
    *This item cannot be transferred in-game.
    *The bonus items obtained in this content will be sent to your ingame rewards box once purchased.
    Pre-order bonus 1
    4 [Death Metal] *This bonus item can be used from your rewards box.
    *This bonus item cannot be sent or received in-game.
    (This is the only exception to this rule)
    If you make a mistake in your billing data, if a billing item is lost by the carrier, or if your billing data is incorrect at the time of the purchase, your billing data must be re-entered and the purchase will be cancelled.
    *Once the billing data is re-entered, the pre-order bonus item cannot be used, and you can make a new purchase.


    Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire – The Deck Of Many Things Crack + [Win/Mac]

    The game starts with the third episode, where we explore another location and get to know about it. After a short cutscene, the player leaves the building and gets to the location that is explored in the game. After being out of the building, the player will be able to hear a gunshot. Then we get to explore a place where the character finds the body of a man on a chair. There is a bit of gameplay in which the player has to solve puzzles. Some players, and a few enemies, are armed, and a shootout is followed. At the end of the short episode, we move to an area that is close to the location from which the first episode started. The player is told that they were pulled out of the helicopter by the strong winds and then flies to a location. The player has to complete the mission, collect the sample and reach the helicopter.
    This content requires the base game Infinity War – Season Pass on Steam.
    About This ContentPlay through the fourth and final episode in the “Infinity War” campaign on PC. The “Gauntlet” series will be available later this year.
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