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The data gathered during these missions is used to develop all elements of the game, including goals, free kicks, penalties, match scenarios, cuts and lineups. What to expect in FIFA 22 The FIFA series is known for its incredible graphics and authentic, realistic gameplay. In addition to creating new gameplay elements that improve soccer action, this year’s release focuses on further evolving the visuals of the game, with enhancements that will take FIFA to a new level. Score-driven game engine An exciting new feature of the game engine is FIFA Ultimate Team. This feature is a robust, deep and progressive way for players to develop and refine their teams, and interact with their rivals. All players and all leagues are represented in Ultimate Team. The game engine will also enable players to have players at their disposal throughout their entire career. New player models Along with the new engine, the game will deliver an improved experience for players, thanks to upgraded player models. The new player models look more lifelike and realistic. Their movements on the pitch are much smoother, giving every player the opportunity to take more realistic and efficient touches. The new player models will also be used for the goalkeepers, which was another area of focus this year. PES-inspired goalkeepers In FIFA 22, the goalkeepers have been entirely redeveloped with the latest data. They now look more realistic, and have improved stamina. The new goalkeepers include dynamic movement during shots, and handballs. This is another feature that will contribute to make the goalkeepers more familiar to PES players. Greater variety in the final whistle kickouts When players touch the ball on the pitch, they will now be able to choose their execution. The execution will start from the moment they are about to touch the ball to the last possible moment. This changes the angle and location where the player can kick the ball, which has a great impact on the gameplay. Improved ball physics and handling FIFA always represented one of the biggest challenges for game developers when it comes to handling and responding to the ball. With FIFA 22, we have expanded the game engine’s physics engine, and significantly changed its algorithms. As a result, the team has been able to introduce several great innovations, including: more accurate ball velocity response; improved ball flight; more natural player movement with the ball; more realistic ball trajectories;


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live the beautiful game with all new and improved gameplay features plus more ways to win
  • New commentary featuring Gary Lineker and Phil Neville
  • Improved climber animations to show off your body control
  • Be a king with new card packs in-game and worldwide events
  • Make history and watch the world celebrate your moves as you watch the ball using 4K Ultra HD support
  • Experience a live, tournament or exhibition season with over 450 matches from around the globe in career, open League and more.
  • FIFA 22 brings the complete Careers mode experience to Ultimate Team, including a new Legend rank, a player cam and badges. The new Player Cam will show off the lifestyle and personality of your player as they rise through the ranks. Create a living breathing player character – complete with his own likeness, appearance, and stats – in FIFA Ultimate Team. With the new badges system, you can earn your FIFA Career badge in-game to unlock special items and card packs
  • Champion badges are now displayed in-game, and when you collect enough Championships, you’ll unlock special emblems of your achievements
  • New Pro and Legend cards that players have been waiting for
  • Two all-new card packs this year – Ronaldo and Messi and a regular pack
  • Match Moments events to help you celebrate, analyse and dominate matches. Including the 2018 Ballon d’Or, a new set of Stadiums, Training Centres, and special Man of the Match celebrations
  • A brand new Transfer Tavern mode where you can concoct the perfect squad, right down to the individual player characteristics, using over 1400 unique player cards
  • Welcome to the future of FIFA
  • Live the beautiful game with all new and improved gameplay features
  • New Commentary featuring Gary Lineker and Phil Neville
  • Improved climber animations to show off your body control
  • Be a king with new card packs
  • New User Interface for more control in all game modes.
  • Brand new 4K compatible graphics, and resolution up to 3840 x 2160
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    The world’s #1 all-in-one video game system for consoles, PC and handheld. What does FIFA cover? The world’s #1 all-in-one video game system for consoles, PC and handheld. What does FIFA cover? Training Learn your new skills in the new Practice Arena. Use the new Training Mode to get the right muscle memory before a big event, and practice your passing and shooting with the brand new Academy mode. Game Modes Play with your friends in the new online modes. Control your team with new tactics, strategies and set plays, or play in local matches against friends and other FIFA Online™ players. Career Build your Ultimate Team from a huge selection of players. The key to victory is unlocking new players and becoming an expert team builder and owner. Online Seasons Join your friends in a new season of online matches and Challenge Leagues. New seasons will start with a closed beta. Separate Downloadable Content (DLC) Includes more customisation options and club crests, and access to in-game currency to unlock new players. A lineup of FIFA 22 Superstars will be available as DLC upon release. The Wants and Needs of Your Stadium Thousands of stadium, club and kit options allow you to create your own dream-team. From fans, to stadiums, to kit, and even player details. The more you use the Creation Centre, the more your team will stand out. Scenario Customisation FIFA 22 features over 250 new customisable scenarios. Select from a wide variety of rules, locations and dynamics, and prepare for any game type. Multiplayer Create your own online friends and play with up to 32 players on your console and PC. Play locally or compete for fun and glory in the online seasons and leagues. Downloadable Content From hundreds of squads and kit options, to the new Pack-a-Punch system, you’ll be able to tweak every aspect of your squad. Overall, what are your thoughts on this year’s FIFA? Will you be making your move to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3? Have you already got your FIFA 22 season started? Leave us a comment down below, and let us know what you think. FIFA – Get your copy today! bc9d6d6daa


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    Create the ultimate team of players and take your game to a new level with over 350 real players, including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Play in online and offline leagues and tournaments to earn packs of players to build your dream squad. Choose from millions of possible combinations of players and formations to perfect your style of play. Even play alone using Quick Game in both online and offline modes. EA SPORTS Active – Move on the ground and compete in official EA SPORTS FIFA 22 matches with EA SPORTS Active. Relive moments with your EA SPORTS Active friends on challenging FIFA 22 gameplay and try your skills on new interactive field surfaces. Play on the pitch and engage in kick-ups and flicks using EA SPORTS Active Motion. EA SPORTS Football Club Ultimate Team – As a member of your Dream Team, you’ll take on the responsibility of player recruitment and management across the globe. Build your Dream Team of the world’s best footballers and compete with friends and millions of other players around the world to become the best team on the planet. 5v5 online play Realistic ball physics Tactical positioning Online leaderboards and stats EA SPORTS Hockey – Play and experience all 22 of the world’s top leagues with EA SPORTS Hockey. Choose from two new arcade-style rulesets and use online and offline play modes to compete head-to-head in the ultimate goal of winning the ultimate trophy. Adapted from the real-world ruleset of National Hockey League action, EA SPORTS Hockey features four distinct gameplay modes: Goalie Auto/AI, Man-to-Man, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3. Plus, Play Now allows for quick and easy one-touch gameplay that captures the fast-paced action of EA SPORTS NHL® 20 from the opening face-off all the way to the final buzzer. EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile – Step into your football boots and become your very own football legend as you play and compete your way to the top. From day one, you are surrounded by the world’s best players and compete with millions of other players in real-time, real-world competitions. Build and manage your dream club and take part in real matches from authentic leagues and tournaments. Your club needs you more than ever, so power up in your boots and set your sights on becoming the ultimate footballing legend. REAL. OFF. THE. WIRE


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Career Mode: Get the re-focused, highly immersive career of FIFA Ultimate Team, all with a fresh coat of paint.
    • Attributes: Every aspect of how a player moves, tackles, passes and shoots has been refined to take into account an improved control scheme in each FIFA game.
    • Exhibition/Create-a-Club: Now the Create-a-Club feature is much more flexible and dynamic. Creating your own club is a lot more fun for your spectators and your players.
    • New experience with the Football Club: There are many new features integrated into the Football Club, including new Gamemodes like ‘Fifa Gold’, an all-new Playmaker system and an enhanced skills trainer.
    • Career Mode: All other modes are now playable in Career, including Exhibition, FUT, and Online.


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    In a league of countries, everyone is playing a game that no one plays. FIFA is an EA SPORTS title that inspires gamers to play a game that no one plays. FIFA can be the most entertaining and fun soccer video game on your living room TV. Why FIFA? Play football in epic ways, with more players, more teams, and more variety than ever before. Do you have what it takes to dominate the ball and win the game? Fans can compare their progress over seasons and careers with the Most Valuable Player Leaderboard, and players can track their stats throughout the season. From your favorite club, or from the team of your favorite player, select your favorite type of gameplay: Attack, Defense, or Goalless. The FIFA video game series has been incredibly popular with fans and critics alike, winning multiple game of the year awards in the process. Can FIFA be Your Game? It starts with relationships, including ones you build with your friends and your favorite club. You can play as your favorite club and compete for the championship. Improve your club through development, hiring new coaching staff, and signing top players. You can play a career mode that starts at an amateur club all the way up to the first team in your favorite league. The core gameplay is the same, the characters and the stories are different. The FIFA video game series has been incredibly popular with fans and critics alike, winning multiple game of the year awards in the process. FIFA 21 brings fans closer to the game than ever before, and makes all the teams, stadiums, and players part of your game. Powered by Football™ FIFA 22 includes a host of innovations across the entire gameplay experience. From the pitches, to the ball, to player movement, to tactics and player skills, every aspect of the game has been redesigned to give players a modern, authentic football experience. Reflections. FIFA 22 features Deflect, Rush, and Traverse, the first new additions to the Deflect and Rush mechanic in FIFA since FIFA 15. Moving is easier, and the pace of the game has increased. Your Creativity. With the all-new Create-a-Club feature, you can choose everything about your new club from its kits, training ground, and stadium to the key figures that it brings on board. Your Ambitions. A new World Cup mode puts


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