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This data collected via the Vicon motion system from the player suits will be integrated with the game engine to provide accurate and realistic player movement and behaviour as well as player physicality and player speed. Players will also benefit from a new player collision system. Viscous Friction has been added to the game, giving the player a reactive, realistic and true-to-life feel to the ball. Fans and players are asked to provide feedback to the developers on the new features to ensure that FIFA remains the most authentic and realistic football experience. The preview builds are playable with pre-selected team and player configurations that can be made available to all players on The fans who are able to play the game during the preview period will have access to new features and content. These include: Select Club configuration – All team configurations will be available in season mode, with options to select the home or away, and between-competition setup of a team. Real-time Player Set-up – Players in Season mode are able to set up their team in any of the four game modes according to their personal preferences, to give players more freedom of choice. Improved AI – The game’s artificial intelligence will be improved in terms of player behaviour and formation choices. Online functionality – Online functionality in FIFA Ultimate Team will be introduced with improved data storage and updates. Preview builds are being used to test the authenticity of the game’s in-game experience. Media “I am delighted that EA SPORTS and Viscous have worked together to help deliver this rich content to us and fans, with the 22, and I’m proud to see the effort teams and players put in to getting us back to the time of old,” said Alex Lehrmann, Senior FIFA Producer. “With the FIFA re-boot, we have realised a dream for sports gaming and we will continue to focus on expanding that dream with amazing games and features that our fans expect, in true FIFA fashion. We are committed to keeping the spirit of the original FIFA alive. We have put years of research and development into the new FIFA experience and are excited to share it with our fans. The re-boot is one of the most ambitious projects that we have ever undertaken and we cannot wait to share it with all of you.” “FIFA 22 is absolutely amazing,” said Peter Scherer, Visc


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  • Live out your dreams as a manager. Create the newest club in the world of football in FIFA 22, win trophies, dream of the Champions League, and match your style with stunning kits, stadium design and much more. Develop a club, alongside the players that you put on the team. Full orchestral soundtrack reveals the emotion of wins, losses and final battles. Customise your squad and change kits via MyClub, or create a squad from scratch using the Manager Draft mode. Or battle it out in MyClub against other players around the world. Create your ideal team, then play your way to victory: shoot from distance, lay on a left-footed free kick and score a wonder goal.
  • Live out your dreams as a player. Take charge of one of 32 authentic players, from the world’s greatest clubs. Create your ideal team, then play your way to glory: Use the Skins Game to evolve your attributes and see your skills shine in a variety of game modes. Face-off on some of the biggest stages of football, including the Champions League and the FIFA Women’s World Cup for FIFA Ultimate Team. Take the fight to your opponents in Game Face, with goals, muscle mass and face reactions that can be synced to real opponents on Twitter.


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EA SPORTS FIFA is the biggest, most authentic and deeply authentic sports video game on the planet. It builds on the legendary pedigree of the FIFA series, combining the authentic, physical style of soccer, the excitement and emotion of real-world football and the most intuitive and accessible gameplay yet. Get more from FIFA by following the news on Twitter, on Facebook and on the EA SPORTS FIFA subreddit. 300w, 470w, 468w, 300w, 470w, 468w, 300w, 470w, 300w, 470w, 684577f2b6


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Create your ultimate team of real-life players using a mix of unlockable players and players featured in FIFA. Score goals and rack up cards to progress your Pro through real-world leagues, international tournaments, and cups. Choose formation, tactics, and more, all the while scoring one-of-a-kind treasures that you can use to customize your unique player like never before. Experience the game that started it all, use EA SPORTS GameFace, EA SPORTS Trax, and more to look your best while playing, then share your teams and artifacts with the FIFA community. EA SPORTS Football – FIFA continues to deliver state-of-the-art detail and authenticity while offering new and enhanced features to help you achieve greatness in the world’s greatest sport. From a completely new and more responsive dribbling system, unprecedented ball control, and a more accurate cross ball, to more ways than ever to play as every position, you’ll come closer to the authentic experience. The improvements to Total Chaos also deliver an enhanced short-range passing and shooting accuracy system with as little as one half of a yard of space from goal-line, creating the most responsive dribbling and passing experience yet. EA SPORTS United – FIFA continues to revolutionize the way football is played in every single aspect of the game, with 14 premier leagues, players and stadiums, and a completely revamped defensive system. And while the ball may be rolling forward in the quest for more realism, the technology continues to evolve, with each year’s edition delivering more performance upgrades that improve the game experience across the board. In the latest edition, the FIFA Interactive World Cup is a global championship where fans will be challenged to advance their FIFA players across different regions and countries, rewarding those who prove to be the best. In addition, two of EA SPORTS UK’s very own gamers are bringing their creative flair to the franchise, with new offline and online challenges taking place throughout the year. EASTERN EUROPE – FIFPro 2015 Rising Stars Winter Edition Greece: Greece v Hungary (Marbella, Spain) Andorra: Andorra v Georgia (Estadi de Les Arenes, Andorra La Vella) Bosnia & Herzegovina: Bosnia & Herzegovina v Croatia (Villa Pelegrina, Venice, Italy) Cyprus: Cyprus v Luxembourg (Ayia Napa, Cyprus) Czech Republic: Czech Republic v Poland (Stadion


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