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Photoshop Elements is a complete, cross-platform alternative to Adobe Photoshop. This app is perfect for your digital camera, and for mobile devices.

Since it’s for the novice and for the amateur, the software is very basic and basic, but doesn’t lack in features. It’s also available for a much lower price than the full-featured software.

Photoshop Elements is perfect for editing images for commercial projects. It’s an indispensable part of every serious business that handles images, even if it’s only for the Adobe suite.Ponzi scheme

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Supported OS:
Windows 7 64bit/Windows 8 64bit/Windows 8.1 64bit
Mac OS 10.9.5 or higher
Amazon Fire OS 5 or higher
Android 4.0 or higher
Apple iOS 5.0 or higher
Android Wear 1.3.0 or higher
Fire OS 5 or higher
Nokia S40 V4.0 or higher
Compatible with:
iPhone 4


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