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One of the most famous mysteries in the Duchy of Ashlar is the mystery of the villagers that dwell within the vall, the Woodridge Trenches. Sought by treasure hunters and foul spell casters alike, the villagers are said to hold great power, but can never be drawn out of their entombed villages. With such power, why are they hiding in the vall?
Create a new character (out of character):
Create your character from the following by using the Encyclopaedia:
Pathfinder, PE3, PE3a or basic5e
Woodridge/Trench Village Backdrop:- The Duchy of Ashlar
Woodridge/Trench Village Backdrop:- The Duchy of Ashlar
The Skeleton
A Pathfinder or basic5e monster found only within the Duchy of Ashlar, the Skeleton often takes to the sub-earth or the deepest of dungeons. The Skeleton is an uncommon challenge to adventurers; its strength lies in its ability to assume another form while wearing the skeletal remains of a human.
The Undead Skeleton: Common
The Skeleton: Uncommon
The Skeleton: Rare
The Skeleton: Very Rare
The undead skeleton
The Skeleton has dark blue skin, a skeletal outline, eyes filled with yellow-green flames and hunger for the flesh of living beings. It appears as two indistinct, v-shaped ribs and a base skull, atop which are the claws of a bear or a lion. Its mouth is wide and gaping as if chomping for flesh.
The Slasher Skeleton
The Skeleton seems to lack a head; it has a pair of bony protrusions where the ears should be. It appears as two slashes on the ground, like a second skeletal outline.
Half-undead Skeleton
The undead skeleton looks nearly human, but the flesh of the head and chest is bony, and the jaw is incapable of opening.
Monster’s Statistics:
Type: Undead Skeleton Variant
Hit Dice: 2d6
Attack: Dexterity vs. AC -12/+2; Melee Basic [1d4] or ranged Basic [1d6] Hit: 1[W]x2[M] bludgeoning, Piercing (tentacles) or Slashing damage
(1d6) or (1d4)
Hit Location: 1 strength reduced by 5 feet; Tentacles
Save: none
Condition: Hunger (see


Features Key:

  • Brand New Story Trailer. New Background story for the game, and a few new dialogues while playing.
  • New Level Design. Improved plot points, and better story development on the major events, and the characters role in the story.
  • New Music. In addition to the original soundtrack there’s also a new ambient sound montage that plays during game play and also in the credits.
  • Additional Scenes to be revealed at a later time.
  • More weapon Ideas developing.
  • An icon set to be revealed at a later time.
  • More Characters updates


Fantasy Grounds – Meanders Map Pack: Meredark Jungle II (Map Pack) Activator Download (April-2022)

The year is 2020.
A shadowy organization known as Prometheus has returned.
Demons have returned to Morvania.
It has begun, the Rain of Beasts, and it is upon us.
Welcome to Lycanthorn II, the second installment in an epic campaign.
In this survival game, four party members can be recruited to defeat demons and explore ancient ruins.
Players are separated into one of four classes – Knight, Sorcerer, Barbarian, and Ranger.
Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they can all learn the same special moves from a fifth class, The Werewolf.
The game has three modes to play in, Survival, Freeplay, and Live.
Although I might continue to add features, it’s currently a 1.0.
That means, currently, all I want it to do is survive.
We’re still deciding on the final features that we want to add to the game before we release it on Steam.
Some of the features we’re considering are:
Recruit members from the four different classes,
More music by Lukamusics,
More characters by designer @KV_Revan and others,
More towns with more story.
An early update of the game will be released as early as Feb 15th 2020.
After that, we’ll be submitting it for review with the dev team at Foxtongue Games.
If things go well there, then we’ll have a live release.
A Steam release will happen as soon as possible after that.
Currently the game is done on Unity.
I plan to keep it that way for as long as it’s possible.
If we decide to update any of it, it’ll probably be to Unity 2020.
It’s never about how fast.
It’s about having time to do all the things that I want.
Lycanthorn II:
Rain of Beasts – Notes – A 2D homage to the classics of JRPG’s
Download and Support: (Main Store) (Indiegala Store)


published:05 Dec 2018


“This video features the outline and demo of what the game will look like when it is released (and how I plan to market it).


Fantasy Grounds – Meanders Map Pack: Meredark Jungle II (Map Pack) Product Key Full

– EASY to learn, hard to master
– Beautifully animated graphics
– Easy to get started
– 3 different difficulty levels
– 72 exciting levels
– Option to save your game on the progress
– Refresh screens with new money and workers
– Full screen mode
– No AdMob

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What’s new in Fantasy Grounds – Meanders Map Pack: Meredark Jungle II (Map Pack):

Pre-order on Steam

Demo Version

Chat With Us

A limited time pre-order for The Gamer Assistant is available on Steam right now! With this special edition, you get access to access our preview build and we will try to see if you qualify for a free copy of the full game. You also get instant access to a demo of our game for 5 minutes. Simply use the following key to download it:

When you wish to redeem your key, simply click on the following link and watch the video that we make available for you. Here’s a direct link to the demo:

Minor bug fixes and optimization that has been made for the full version of our game.

New Indie Game release Alert – by Simulated Madness

First of all, I’ve got to introduce it to you: Simulated Madness is an indie game based on the world of 2D platformers. In SSM the world is divided into millions of tiny islands based on fantasy and heroic legends and your mission is to take on this adventure, conquer them and get as many points as you can – the main goal of the story is to compete with two other players. You’ll play the role of “Megaman” – a hero who like ourselves decided to help other tiny islands and in doing so will get the titles of the most victorious hero on all different islands, making the difference in a world of millions of tiny islands. – SSM adap

Well, that about sums it up for this news. Let’s welcome SSM to the IndieGamesGames family and add them to the official charts for the best indie games of 2016. They managed to become one of the biggest new comers to the Xbox market:

The demo version of their game is available right now on Xbox One, available to all players on Xbox One app market. I’ll add the link under this post so you can experience it – the total of the game is 10 minutes long and in this demo there are only 4 levels and very few enemies. -SSM

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I’m a music producer / sound designer and have experience from more than a decade of work in areas such as TV and films,


Free Fantasy Grounds – Meanders Map Pack: Meredark Jungle II (Map Pack) Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) (April-2022)

Have you ever played the perfect “SAMURAI” puzzle? Your life is now about to change.
After a long day at work, you return home to find that your sister just married and now she has a baby girl! You never imagined your sister’s sudden change of life like that. And you’re happy with your brother-in-law, but you’re feeling uneasy too.
In this game, the central theme of the story is the concept of “family” that becomes crucial to solve the puzzles.
Sudoku is the Japanese traditional puzzle. Its objective is to put numbers on a 9×9 grid, such that each row, column, and 3×3 box contains all numbers from 1 to 9, but none in twice.
A new, exciting story is waiting for you, “Try to play with the family!”
Gameplay Features
* 9 different endings!
* 50 Puzzles with 50 different difficulties.
* Reflective puzzles make the game more fun.
* You can check each step of your possible solutions during the game.
* You can improve your solving skills by setting the “mastery” mode.
* “Sudoku Master” mode will always keep you winning.
* Unlocked level and ways to solve, after you reach the highest mastery level.
* Save files are loaded in different ways, and you will never miss the save file you wish to use.
For any feedback and questions, please feel free to contact with our telegram group!
Thank you for choosing this application!
Enjoy your very first “perfect” puzzle!

Game description Samurai Sudoku is a puzzle game created by Nexgoon. It was published on the 23rd of January, 2013. The game comes in Japanese and English. It has a rating of 76 on the Google Play store. Please report any broken links or issues to our mail admin.

We’re happy to announce that Samurai Sudoku v2.5 is available in the Google Play Store! For those who have downloaded the game before, v2.5 is basically a bug fix release. The new version is available for free for all users. If you’re a new user or if you’re interested in the new features introduced in Samurai Sudoku v2.5, you’re welcome to read the post below to find out more about the new contents!

New Features in Samurai Sudoku v2.


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