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AutoCAD Crack is a popular choice for architects and engineers and the mainstay of the vast majority of CAD software products. The application was originally developed for small business users, but it has since evolved to also be used for large-scale projects.


AutoCAD uses a parametric model that allows you to create geometry in a structured manner. Although it is possible to create complex objects in AutoCAD without using parametric modelling, you’ll generally need to use the parametric feature to create your design.

The basics of parametric modeling

In AutoCAD, all modeling is based on a geometric structure called a Block. Blocks are grouped together into entities. These entities are called objects.

Within each object, the objects are grouped together into layers. Layers contain objects with shared properties.

For example, if you want to create a rectangle with rounded corners, you would create two entities: a box and a circle. The box would be on a layer with rounded corners. The circle would be on a layer that is not rounded. You could then fill the box with an instance of the circle to give the rectangle the desired rounded corners.

The object properties affect the properties of the objects in the same block. For example, the curve radius property determines the radius of the circular portions of the curve object.

The parametric feature

AutoCAD has a range of parametric modeling tools available, enabling you to create an unlimited variety of geometric designs.

Through parametric modeling you can create shapes which you can rearrange, move, scale, and rotate at any time later. With parametric modeling, you can create drawings with multiple interlocking components which you can easily change and update later.

Create new geometric objects and parameters

One of the most useful features of AutoCAD is the ability to create new geometric objects. You can create many shapes and features in AutoCAD, including lines, polylines, circles, ellipses, arrows, and 3D lines. There are three types of geometric entities in AutoCAD: points, curves, and surfaces.

You can also create parameters. Parametric modeling is a powerful tool in AutoCAD, as it enables you to create custom components of a drawing which you can use to easily create new geometric shapes and modify existing ones. You can store and reuse these components in the drawing.

Your first block

AutoCAD provides a wide range of shapes,

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With AutoCAD (depending on the version), there are two types of help available: web-based help, for viewing documentation from a web browser, and a form of help called the Integrated Help System (IHS), for help using specific features of AutoCAD (such as Web Help, the command line, script language, etc.).

Web-based help
The Web-based help system is provided by an application called AutoCAD Web Help, which is hosted on a server within the Autodesk Help section. It can be accessed from anywhere within the world. It consists of a library of over 200 pages of AutoCAD-related content. When AutoCAD is started, a browser window opens, allowing access to the help system. This window also contains the file browser, which allows the user to access all the images, videos, and other content within the web-based help system. All of the AutoCAD-related content can be found in the Help folder of the Autodesk Knowledge Base.

Each AutoCAD-related page can be found by simply using the text bar on the right of the browser window. There are three different types of pages: topic, topic-page, and topic-page-reference. For each AutoCAD topic, a topic page is available, which provides direct access to the specific topics within that topic. Each topic is also available as an individual topic page, which provides access to a more general topic in a tabbed format, which also allows the user to search within that topic.

The topic-page-reference page is a reference to another topic, or to the most-recently visited topic. In both cases, the topic page is the main page for the particular topic.

All of the AutoCAD-related content is divided into different categories. These categories are:
AutoCAD Usage/System
AutoCAD Concepts
AutoCAD Features
AutoCAD Help and Support
AutoCAD Resources
AutoCAD Certification
AutoCAD Express
Templates and Web Apps
AutoCAD Specialty

Each category has their own content, which includes topics such as:
AutoCAD User Guide (System)
AutoCAD Architecture (System)
AutoCAD Civil 3D (System)
AutoCAD Electrical (System)
AutoCAD Landscape (System)
AutoCAD Mechanical (System)
AutoCAD Product Line (

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Enter the key on the product in the same format (VBS, Python, etc.).

Press the “Generate Key” button. The key is now printed on the screen.

Note: On Windows, you can find this file in the folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\Autocad\ProductionRelease\AutoCAD\Support\keys

A password is required to open the program.

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What’s New In?

Automatically export dynamic components or symbols as individual drawings for additional editing. Automatically send drawings for revisions during the revision process, instead of exporting and reimporting.

Designed to make handoff a breeze. Markup Assist even lets you create checklists for one-on-one handoff discussions. Get auto-populated filenames from linked files for easy file management. And more.

AutoCAD now reads and interprets Delimiter flags and Breakpoints directly from text files. The Markup Management tool bar makes it easy to add and manage imported text files.

Create and edit annotations in a new column in the annotation window, and see annotation and text frames side-by-side. You can even have annotations line up with the text frames.

2D/3D conversions:

Convert DWG files to 3D models on the fly. Convert 2D models into 3D models, then snap your 2D objects into their 3D context.

[How AutoCAD created one of the world’s first 3D games with Autodesk 3D Studio Max, the new Autodesk 3D Suite, and a combination of the two tools: Autodesk Animator and AutoCAD.]

View the 3D data for your 2D layers, and project your drawings directly into 3D. Sketch your 3D design directly on the 2D viewport.

[In collaboration with Autodesk’s Immersive Design Lab, Autodesk unveiled AutoCAD’s 3D Markup and Navigation tools and web experience, available exclusively to customers who subscribe to Autodesk 360.] [Using AutoCAD 2D and 3D applications together in new ways, Autodesk is now offering customers a few previewable new features, starting with Live Templates and UV Mapping.]

Data Management and collaboration:

Easily manage and save custom edits with your drawing files, file collections, model collections, and folder collections.

Simplify drawing using shared libraries and data. Create libraries of drawings with standard characteristics and use them to select, view, and revise those drawings. View multiple revisions of a single file at once, and easily merge drawings into a single file.

Organize your content more effectively with folders and collections. Create and organize models, drawings, and folders in new ways.


System Requirements:

iPad 1-3
iPad mini 1-3
iPad Air 1-2
iPad Air 2
iPad 4-6
iPad mini 2-6
iPad mini 3-6
iPad mini 4-6
iPad mini 5-6
iPad Pro 1-3
iPad Pro 1-2-2
iPhone 3GS-4-6
iPhone 5-7
iPhone 6-8
iPhone 6S-8

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