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# **Vector Photoshop**

Adobe offers vector editing, as well as direct digitizing, which is used to create vectors, as you can see in Figure 5-5, and later select an object from the object library \(shown here\), or create a new object, to paste it into an image”). This technique is similar to bitmap editing.

**Figure 5-5** Vector image using different tools and toolsets.

Vector editing is a different kind of workflow than bitmap editing. Although you can do many of the same things with vector images that you can do with bitmap images, vector images are significantly more capable. Vector images can be scaled to any size without losing quality (unlike with bitmap images), whereas the quality of bitmap images degrades when you scale them. Vector images can also be made to look better when scaled (with a filter or other method) than bitmap images.

Vector images are best for creating clean, unique, detailed images. They can be used for maps, logos, and other graphics that are created to be viewed or printed at large size.

It is possible to use Photoshop to create vector images; however, Photoshop’s in-place editing is helpful for producing many graphics, but vector editing and digitizing are better when done by using Adobe Illustrator.

**Adobe Illustrator**

Adobe Illustrator is the program that Adobe uses for creation and editing of vector images (Figure 5-6). Illustrator can draw shapes, create and edit paths, and work as a vector image.

**Figure 5-6** Adobe Illustrator being used to create a vector image

When it comes to using Illustrator, there are two main ways of entering information in the program: directly, by drawing paths or shapes and using the Pen tool, and indirectly, by creating a _scratch file_ in order to produce new layers or pixels.


Using the Pen tool (also called the **Pencil** tool) or the Brush tool, you can draw paths or shapes on the canvas that you can work with or manipulate in the program. You can use clipping masks and layers to layer shapes, and you can use groups to organize your work. To exit a drawing, select the drawing and click the X at its upper right.

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4) Crack + [Mac/Win]

You can also use this tutorial to learn how to edit any images with Photoshop.

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How to install and use Photoshop Elements

To install Photoshop Elements follow the instructions below.

Open the download file.

You should be redirected to the Setup Wizard page.

Keep scrolling down the page until you see a new window appear with 2 choices: Install Now and Install Later.

Make your choice depending on if you want to install the free trial version or if you want to use the full version of the software permanently.

Click the Install Now button or the Install Later button.

Once the installation is finished the software will automatically run.

Open Photoshop Elements and follow the onscreen instructions.

You are done. Enjoy your new Photoshop Elements experience.

How to use Photoshop Elements

You should be able to pick up the basics of editing an image with Photoshop Elements with no problem. If you don’t, this tutorial might be useful.

You can navigate with the mouse or by using the arrow keys of your keyboard. Scroll with your mouse to zoom in on the image or press the space bar.

Scroll down the toolbar with your mouse and click on the different tools to see a brief description of each tool.

You can also highlight the tool you want to use and click the white bracket in the toolbox to see the shortcut to that tool.

If you double-click on the active tool a new window will open with some of the options available with that tool highlighted. You can open a new window with a single mouse click.

You should have access to the following tools in Photoshop Elements:

Photo: add, crop, fill in, recover, restore, resize, rotate

Add images: merge, split, remove, join, rename, duplicate, rotate

Artistic: curves, levels, filmstrip, recomposite, clone, clone stamp

Camera: exposure, fill flash, levels, contrast, clone, posterize

Color: adjustment, hue/saturation, gradient, photo overlay, re-color

Exposure: fill, levels, clone, posterize, exposure, brightness, curves, clarity

Effects: vignette, soft focus, distortion, drop shadow, blending, grunge, sepia

Enhance: sharpen, spot healing, clone, beauty, saturation, local adjustment, noise

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4)

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What’s New in the Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.4)?

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