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Shri Vishnu Stuthi

Shaantha kaaram Bhujagashayanam. Padmanaabham suresham
Vishwaadhaaram gaganasadrusham meghavarnam shubhangam
Lakshmi kaantham kamalanayanam yogibhidhyarnagamyam
Vandhe vishnum bhavabhayahram sarvalokayeeka Naatham

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  1. Sharmila says:

    I am looking for this mantra in sangeet. I mean the mantra with a background music. the Shri Vishnu Stuti Mantra. It is for a dance. where can i find this. please reply asap

  2. Lucky Mittal says:

    This mantra is my favourate mantra i am very carefully listen this mantra in sarrthi serial in star plus i am very thankful to you because i am searching this mantra in many years my phone no. is 09219758349 and my age is 20 years

  3. Kiran says:

    Hi Sharmila, I have this song with me. I think you would have already got by now. I can u need the song (Shri Vishnu Stuti Mantra.) let me know. My email:


  4. Avirat says:

    This mantra I use to remember from my childhood. So am missing few words and of course I do remember a little more was there after this… “Hey Rama Purushottama Narharey Narayan Keshwa Hey Govinda GarudhwajeyGunnidhey Damodhara madhwa Hey Krishna Kamalapatey Shree Patey Hey Baikunthadhipatey Charachar Patey Laxmi Patey Paahimaam Pahimaam Pahimaam.”

  5. Avirat says:

    If someone gets spell prob pls leave msg.

  6. MUKESH SHARMA says:

    plz send me the complete mantra on my mail id.

  7. Deepesh Verma says:

    Thanks for these lyrics but in the song the lyrics are more.Anybody has full lyrics of these .My email id .Highly obliged if anyone can send me them.

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