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Shanishwara mantra

Neelamjala Samaabhasam Raviputhram yamaagrajam
Chaaya Maarthanda Sambootham Namaami shanaiswaram

Suryaputtrao Dheergadehi Visalaaksha shivapriya
Mandachaara Prasannaatma Peeda harathu Mey shani
Konastha Pingalo Babhru krishnou Roudraanthako Yamaha
Sourihi shanaischro Mandha Pippalaadena samsthu thaha
Yethani dasa Naamaani Praathaha uthaya ya padethe
Shanaischara Kritha peeda Na Kaschitha Bhavishyathi

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7 Responses

  1. krishna says:

    Who is Lord Shani? I never heard the name before.
    In Indonesia thre’s only Lord Brahma, Wisnu Siva and their saktis.

  2. shivakumar says:

    Dear Krishna,
    There are 9 grahas ( planets ) surya,chandra…. Each grahas or planets plays a vital role in human is the position of the this planet gods that decide, the characterstics/life of person. Lord Shani paramathama is worshipped to relive us from troubles.
    lord is also called shivapriya means liked by god Shiva.
    I hope I have answered your question.
    with regards,

  3. s.raj kumar says:

    Can i know d meaning of th eShani bhagwan slokam and mantras

  4. Srinivasan Ramesh says:

    I was born in Mahara lagnam. Now i am aged 50. Presently i am undergoing shani dasa and ezherai sani. Since i was born in mahara lagnam will ezherai sani cause adverse effects. Please enlighten me.

  5. priya.s says:

    i want know how we must worship the god sannis whats the prosiger to that

  6. Venkatesh Yadav says:

    for Lord Shani, important day is Saturday, On saturday evening with mustered oil lighten lamp with black cloth one has to pray lord shani in the Lord Shivas temple.

    Mostly used Manthram in chanting is ” Oum Uma mandheswara swamiyenamaha” as many as possible in the temple and come out of temple without looking back. Reach home and wash your legs up to knee level with good water.

    The Manthra give in the web site “konasthaha Pingalo Babhruhu…..” has to be chanted in the morning soon after getting up from Bed.

  7. girish says:

    every day i pray to shani deva to get some positive results in my life

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