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MahaLakshmi Stotram

Lakshmi Ksheera Samudra Raaja Tanaya
Sree Ranga Dhaameshvari
Daasi Bhootha Samasata Deva Vanithaam
Lokaika Deepankuram
Sreeman Manda Kataaksha Labdha Vibhava
Brahmendra Gangaadharam
Tvaam Trailokya Kudumbineem
Sarasijam Vande Mukunda Priyaam

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi, who is the daughter of the king of the ocean of milk, whose abode is Srirangam (with Lord Ranganatha), who is served by all the divine ladies in heaven, who is the guiding light for the world, who has obtained the sustained (continued, everlasting) glance (Grace) from Brahma, Indra and Shiva, whose abode is the three worlds (Bhu, Bhuva, Suvaha) – I offer my prostrations to Thee, the beloved of Lord Krishna (Mukunda).

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  1. viswanath says:

    LakhLakshmi Ksheera Samudra

  2. Meyyappan says:

    Revered soul,

    YOUR POSTING IS FINE AND BECOMES VERY NICE WITH ITSMEANING.I sought for the meaning for a long time.I am blessed with it now.
    My Millions of thanks and billions of pranams.
    With Prostrations,

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