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Deepa Shlokam

Subham Karoti Kalyanam
Arogyam Dhana Sampadah
Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya
Dipa Jyotir Namostute

Sanskrit to English Word Meaning
Subham- auspiciousness; karoti – which brings; kalyanam- prosperity; arogyam- good health; dhanasampadah- abundance of wealth; satrubuddhi- of the intellect’s enemy (ignorance); vinasaya- for the destruction; dipajyotir- that lamplight; namosthuthe- I salute thee.
I salute the One who is the lamplight that brings auspiciousness; prosperity, good health, abundance of wealth, and the destruction of the intellect’s enemy.
Brief explanation
This prayer is chanted before lighting the lamplight. Light is considered a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity, and abundance in many cultures. Light brings with it brightness, but how does it destroy the intellect’s enemy? The intellect’s enemy is ignorance, which is likened to darkness. Light removes the darkness and makes it possible to see things clearly.

Deepajyothi Parabrahma
Deepajyothi Janardhana
Deepo me hara tu paapam
Deepaa Jyothir Namostute

I salute the Lord, the sustainer of the creation, in the form of this light. I salute this light (the Lord), may He destroy afflictions resulting from my omissions and commissions.

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  1. Pankajakshan Assary says:

    Very beautiful. These are all the real treasures our Hrishis and forefathers have given to us. Such kind of things will certainly enlighten the human mind.

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